Spark the…Last Minute Revision, Literary Stimulating, Awe-Inspiring Kindling (10)

My first exam is tomorrow. I’m re-sitting my Creative Writing, and as there’s no official revision material to use, I’ve come to the safe haven of WordPress to do a couple of things:

  • 1. Write a few Streams of Consciousness to stimulate my mind for tomorrow, and get me ready for hours of writing.
  • 2. Finish the Spark the Kindling series that I left a few months ago indefinitely. Although I enjoyed doing them, and suggest to any writer that they do them at some point to help with their writing, there’s only so much of a series one can continue whilst being satisfied with it. I left the series at no.7, so my mission for the night is to round my first series on WordPress on a solid 10. Wish me luck.

Here I am, for the final time, for the final race. Words have been spoken, songs have been sung. Symmetry has met balance, and yin has met yang. Though I can’t deny my remorse, I can only emphasise my true relief. My acceptance, my gratitude. The words printed on the crystal canvas will forever be a part of what I strive for. As they are given a home, I too am welcomed with one. Where peace can be found, and quarrels met. 

With a sigh, I push on, hoping for my eyes to strain, to become heavy. Slumber had better not prove challenging, I shan’t benefit otherwise. The digital timer ticks, the earth shakes. Stays still. Proving my worth and showing my will, that shall be the result, only such positivity can provide such bliss. The time has come, I shall not return, for you shall come to me. And when you look back, on this heavy, summers night, remember that everything you work for, will always find its place here. On a rainy day, shelter. In the sun, shade. A warm cup of tea in a world of challenge. Thank you. Goodnight.x 

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