Music of the Month – February 2018

Welcome to the bit of my blog where you can just relax and enjoy music. Find my other playlists in the menu on my homepage or by clicking here.  And let me know what music you’ve enjoyed this month.

1. Todd Edwards & Tashi Condelee – Catch My Breath

2. Pat Lok ft. Sam Fischer – Might Be On Fire

3. Francis and the Lights – Just For Us

4. Yung Pinch – Juicy Fruit

5. Netsiah – Two Lives

6. KWAYE – Sweetest Life

7. Chris Tall – Morning Golden Sunrise

8. Lucian ft. Philosofie – Deja Vu

9. HANNIE ft. Carys Selvey – Cosmic Bound

10. courtship. – Bad Fun

11. Joakim Karud ft. Simon Ekberg – Lost With You

12. Rhye, Roosevelt – Summer Days (Roosevelt Remix)

13. Callum Pitt – Rabbits

14. JULiA LEWiS ft. Elujay, Mr. Carmack, & Mikos Da Gawd – On the Regular

15. L’Imperatice – Sequences (Parcels Remix)

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