Anything I please

What’s a niche?

Blog Awards – Three and counting!

My Recommendations – My favourites that give a taste of what this blog is all about.

Fiction – Stories that come from god knows where.

Non Fiction – Fiction inspired by my real life experiences.

My Life – Experiences, personal stories, or opinions I want to share – are usually longer or more hard hitting.

Gaming – As a life long gamer, I have a lot of things to say about games.

Film & TV – Ramblings of my favourite films and television programmes.

Music – Where I share my favourite musical discoveries from the past month – old or new, whatever genre, you’ll find something you like.

Inspired By Fear – The scarier corner of my blog – abandon all hope, ye who enter!

Streams of Consciousness – Advice on how to get a head start on writing.

Spark The Kindling – A series of my own Streams of Consciousness.

SleepTalk – You know when some dreams are like movies you can vividly remember in detail?

The Pumpkin Post – Spoof articles, letters, and interviews that report on the realm of stupid humour and real world problems.

Westfield: A Collection of Notes – A family trip to a desolate countryside house turned out to be more sinister than I could ever imagine…

Flawed: God’s Parable – My biggest writing project of 2016 highlights the invisible imperfections and faults of five people known as Exhibits.


PS. I don’t own rights to many of the pictures featured on this blog, and copyright law hasn’t always been a part of my knowledge. If you see anything material on this site that you want accrediting or removing, please let me know and I shall act accordingly – just don’t sue me please, I like having money and courts scare me.

Thank you 🙂

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