SleepTalk #1 (Part2) – Breadcrumbs, Betrayals and Primary School Teachers.

This is the final half of a 2 part story involving my most recent dream epic. Click here to catch up with what’s gone on previously. So these soldiers begin chasing me and I immediately set off sprinting away from them and head towards a back street near my old house. It’s then that I realise that there […]

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SleepTalk #1 (Part1) – Late Arrivals, Thorn Tunics and Alligator’s Sword.

It’s been said that everyone has about 7 dreams per night that only last about 5 seconds. For the most part I can agree with this, I’ll remember bits and pieces of a few unrelated dreams for the first hour or so of the morning then they’ll be forgotten – lost in the deleted scenes of my unconsciousness. But every […]

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