The Mortal Resolve

Harwood is a quaint village that sits cosily on the outskirts of a town surrounded by forest and field. Its inhabitants, most of whom are over the age of fifty, are used to and appreciate the lifeless status-quo that has been solidified over the years.

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Black Mass

I can handle the slight shiver down my spine as I turn a corner. I don’t mind a second glance at the end of the hallway. I’m all for a skip in my heartbeat when the floorboards shriek below me as I wander downstairs into the darkness.

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The stars are dripping onto me from above. We’re all together – the wind, the clouds – yet we all carry on, alone as we ever have been. We are not sad, despondent, or dejected. We are not happy, satisfied, or fulfilled. We just carry on.

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Phenomenalism – Try Saying That 5 Times Fast.

Now you’ve exercised your tongue into trying to say the word, I’m here today to try to wrap our heads around the thought – provoking concept of Phenomenalism. N.B. (1) – I’ve not extensively researched this for some essay, it is just something that I thought of one day and it turned out to be an actual […]

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