Angry driver thought signalling cyclist was just showing off.

An accountant from Fresno, California suffered major embarrassment during a heated stint with a cyclist on Thursday afternoon.

The 38 year old father-of-two, Stephen Del Roya, “beeped his horn multiple times and shouted obscenities out of his car window” at a cyclist in front of him, according to a witness.

“I was behind the lady for a while and she was being quite slow, but I guess she wasn’t doing anything illegal. I was just being impatient with her”, said Mr Del Roya.

Witnesses claimed to have seen Mr Del Roya act aggressively towards the cyclist, 22 year old student, Lindsay Graham, when she signaled to turn left.

“It was 6 ‘o clock on a busy road, and I honestly thought she was just trying to annoy me or show off when she stuck her hand out.

“I’ve never cycled before because my dad didn’t teach me, so how was I to know she was just signaling?”

Ms Graham said she was “scared” by the event, but claimed to have made her turn “perfectly and legally.”

Mr Del Roya sped off in embarrassment before he was asked for further comment.

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