Spark the…Last Minute Revision, Literary Stimulating, Awe-Inspiring Kindling (10)

My first exam is tomorrow. I’m re-sitting my Creative Writing, and as there’s no official revision material to use, I’ve come to the safe haven of WordPress to do a couple of things: 1. Write a few Streams of Consciousness to stimulate my mind for tomorrow, and get me ready for hours of writing. 2. […]

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Spark The Kindling #4

A stream of consciousness made after a day of isolation and video games. To learn more about SoC’s click here. Do you recall that time when everything was normal and perfect? Neither do I. Nor do I plan on recalling such times. If anything, they are happening now. I know that distractions are everywhere, prevalent […]

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Spark The Kindling #3

A late night stream of consciousness before I go to bed. To learn more about SoC’s, click here We’ve got to lose it, this silly way of life. Roads and leap years ahead, there will be a moment of satisfaction for you and those surrounding you. Waves upon waves of something. Crashing along as they should, […]

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Spark The Kindling #2

A spontaneous, midmorning stream of consciousness. Yes, I know. Things change for the better. Possibly, though, shifting winds take nature along. While we spin our circles, humanity continues to grow. Crocodile tears saltier than the oceans, yet deeper and more fluid. Networks of life brought together as one so that we may stay interconnected. Intertwined? […]

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Spark The Kindling #1

A stream of consciousness to the stimulus of ‘time’.   Though I am aware of the consequences, it still doesn’t seem to help. On my own or with company, I am trying to find the perfect place in which I can adopt my new state of mind. Now that the ashes have been blown away […]

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