Fire in the Eyes of our Neighbours.

He once knew of a sun that shone in the summer and hid in the winter.

Now it shines without question; thawing, choking. With faces hidden behind masks. Breathe.

He lived amongst the gluttonous. Greed evolving on a factory belt. A salty death in the slaughterhouse and in the hospital bed.

An innocent boy guilty of invisible crimes.

Monsters from under the bed living inside a textbook – the fable of a different life.

All the while, a monster’s statue stands proud in a far land of darkness and explosion.

Bombs over Baghdad.

But as one flag drops, another flies: the anthem of black and white.

Faceless martyrs create headless visions of the future; for God is great.

Primal indulgence condemned by larger hearts and higher minds – years of evolution silenced in the name of progress.

Dreams of serene excursion shattered by those willing to join their deceased in holy hell fire.

Hide from your brothers, see the fire in your neighbours eyes.










10 thoughts on “Fire in the Eyes of our Neighbours.

  1. Honestly, it’s a mix of the two. I’m a prose writer and so write in that form, but like you said it’s laid out in a poetic style. So who knows?


  2. Nice imagery, and nice photo! It really sets the tone of the piece 🙂 Do you consider this poetry or prose? It has a poetry feel to it, given all the single lines.

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  3. I can sometimes get a bit excitable with my vocab (makes me feel fancy) but thanks for mentioning how the piece sounds, that was one of the things that concerned me.

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  4. I need to pickup my dictionary , get all the unknown words right and re-read this probably.
    It’s got a great ring to it though!
    A realization, i need to improve on vocab!

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  5. Thank you kindly, I’ve been on a bit of a dark streak with my posts recently, so I’m getting all of the sinisterness out of my system.
    Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

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  6. I love the imagery you’ve developed here. Reading this, I feel like I’m getting flashes of scenes coming out of the darkness. I think you’ve got a good piece here. Keep up the good work!


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