Music of the Month – August 2017

Welcome to the bit of my blog where you can just relax and enjoy music. To find my playlists, you can find them in the menus on my homepage or by clicking here. And let me know what music you’ve enjoyed this month.

1. Valaire – Golden Rule (Do The Oobopopop)

2. Mothica – Mark My Words (Snocker Cot Remix)

3. Skrillex & Poo Bear – Would You Ever

4. Foster The People – Sit Next to Me

5. Foster The People – III

6. The Boy Next Door, Fresh Coast (ft. Jody Bernal) – La Colegiala 

7. The Green Children – Dreamers (Embody Remix)

8. Avicii (ft. Aluna George) – What Would I Change It To

9. Avicii (ft. Sandro Cavazza) – Without You

10. Sandro Cavazza – So Much Better

11. Umii – Dangerous

12. Decco ft. Mapei – Shooting Stars (Wankelmut Remix)

13. Ameria & YSL – Young

14. INDIIA – Out of Love (ft. Whitney Phillips)

One to Watch: Sandro Cavazza

Foster The People – Sacred Hearts Club: July 21st 2017

(Amazon UK) / (Amazon US) / Stream

Avicii – AvῙci (01): August 10th 2017

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What have you been listening to this month? Let me know. 


Featured Image – Genius

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