Teenage boy suffers neck wound in attempt to hide love bite.

A teenager from Orlando, Florida has accidentally severed an artery in his neck in a botched attempt to hide a love bite.

Tyler Mathyu, 16, was rushed to hospital at 9:00pm from his home on Grand Canyon Drive after accidentally slicing his neck open with a pen knife.

Tyler’s step-father, Terrence Hammond, said: “He had been at his girlfriend’s house for the day. We heard him come in, but he never said hello to us and went straight upstairs. This wasn’t particularly uncommon for Tyler  so we left him to it.

“Ten minutes later, and we hear him scuttling down the stairs shouting for us. His face was pale as fog and he was clutching onto his neck. We didn’t panic until we saw the blood dripping between his fingers.”

Mr Mathyu was treated for mild damage to his jugular and immediately sent for a psychiatric referral, in which he revealed he was trying to cover up an “ugly hickey” he received from his girlfriend hours prior.

“I was in a cab home from my girlfriend’s when I noticed a giant bruise on my neck”, said Mr Mathyu.

It didn’t hurt to the touch, which confused me at first but it made sense once I realised what I’d been doing that day.”

I didn’t want my parents knowing we were physical so I tried making it look like an accident, but I also didn’t want them thinking I was suicidal so now they know.”

Tyler is reported to have since had his pen knife confiscated, but his parents are “just glad he is alive.”

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4 thoughts on “Teenage boy suffers neck wound in attempt to hide love bite.

  1. Well….
    Didn’t his girlfriend have makeup?
    Ever since I got to know that the hickey in itself is dangerous when near the important vessels in the neck, I’d rather avoid them altogether. He’s just lucky he’s alive.
    To anyone who’s reading this blog, if you’re trying to be sexy, you might want to choose some safer place for a hickey.


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