These 3 Things Would Be Normal If We Were Battlefield 1 Soldiers

Battlefield 1 is the most immersive war experience in gaming history. Its dark, graphical settings of war torn battlegrounds are unmatched, and the visceral realism it provides is something that players are still getting used to nine months into its release.

After spending time on this game, you forget where you are. Your teammates mean more to you when you see them bludgeoned to death, when they’re reduced to nothing more than writhing bodies engulfed in flames.

But every now and then, the game reminds you that, despite all of its perfections, it’s not real life.

1. The Iron Men of the 1900’s 

Moving away from graphics, BF1 also boasts incredible gameplay mechanics. Developer, Dice, has polished the gun balance from previous Battlefield games, but there’s one thing that is made very obvious once you fire your first bullet…that you need to a lot more if you want to kill anything!

Though some may find pouring between five and seven bullets into enemies unrealistic, it’s more about gun balance and avoiding any particular weapon being substantially more powerful than another. So though it may be frustrating for some to see their enemies run away with five bullets pumped into them, the kills are even more satisfying when they do finish their target. And don’t even bother with the horses.


2. Needles & Bullets Holes

Another discerning Battlefield feature is ‘squads’, which allows you to join a small band of soldiers that become your main team mates during the game. They help you re-spawn once you’re killed, request and receive ammo, and earn you more experience points whilst playing.

Team work is paramount in this game, so when a fellow troop is picked off by a distant sniper, it can leave you in a vulnerable situation. Luckily, however, if you’re a medic, all it takes is a quick jab to the heart from your trusty adrenaline needle, and that bullet lodged in their brain never even existed! Before they know it, that light they were heading to is now just the flash of more gunfire – back at it, Private!


3. Cowardice: Punishable by Death

In the midst of all the horrors of WW1, it can easily become overwhelming. Bf1’s maps are expansive, detailed, and so multi-layered that a bullet with your name on it could come from any direction. And even these worlds are watching you.

If you run from the fight and into the distance, you’ll be given a short ten second warning before you die on the spot. No medic will risk their lives to help a coward, there are no chances for a deserter. Once you’re in the battlefield, there is no running from death.


Is there anything I missed? What do you find odd about the Battlefield experience? 
What’s your favourite Battlefield 1 moment, and is it your favourite in the franchise?

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One thought on “These 3 Things Would Be Normal If We Were Battlefield 1 Soldiers

  1. I’d say this or Battlefield 4 are my favorite of the franchise. I really liked Hardline though many hated it. I haven’t played BF1 in quite a while, might have to jump back in and relive its glory


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