The Blogger Recognition Award

Thanks to Nerdy Book Life for the acknowledgement, she let me know about this a while ago but I haven’t had the chance to do much with my site recently.  As a thanks, I’m going to suggest that anyone reading this give her site a quick browse, especially if you’re a book reader.

Now all the formalities are done with, here’s how the next few paragraphs are going to look:

  1. Give a brief story of how you started your blog.
  2. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  3. Select bloggers to pass on the acknowledgement to.

1. The Epiphany

I can’t say there was some writing revelation that brought my blog into existence. I used a journal as a house for all my writing, and I still do, but it wasn’t until my first year of college (or high school depending where you’re from) that my Creative Writing teacher showed us how to set up a blog as another platform. 

At first I wasn’t convinced – there were too many buttons, too much technical shit that I didn’t care about, and I didn’t even know what you put on a blog. So I wrote something to get myself out of class, and didn’t touch it for a year. 

Then after one long binge of The Walking Dead one night, I realised I was sort of wasting my life on Netflix and not really putting my only talent to use. So I fired up and dusted off my site and wrote this.

It was just me talking to thin air about college, podcasts, what I’d written for the magazine…boring stuff really. But I hinted towards my first real post that I wanted to write about; philosophy. Bit deep for a novice, I know. It’s here if you’re interested in a 16 year old chatting on about how nothing exists. 

Now over a year and 160 followers later, I’m here being nominated for my third blog award. The rest is history.

2. Advice to new bloggers:

#1. If you don’t have a niche and you just like to write about anything, no doubt you’ve got some pretty interesting stuff to share. Share it all.

#2. A pretty blog is a good blog –  pictures and a suitable theme are important.

#3. There are YouTube tutorials for everything else you’d need.

3. *Accidental boast incoming*

 I was actually nominated for a similar award recently and my choices haven’t dramatically changed since then. So with this information, I’d like to suggest two things:

  1. Check out my nominations from the previous award – The Versatile Blogger Award – here.
  2. Nominate your favourite followed blogger and spread the love, guys.


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