Single dad reveals stirring food in pan makes it cook faster (The Pumpkin Post)

A father from England has told sources of a ‘culinary breakthrough’ he experienced whilst cooking dinner for his son.

Adam Scott, 45, from Essex, London, discovered the technique whilst boiling rice in a pan for his 12 year old son, Daniel.

Mr Scott said that he believes stirring the content of a pan whilst it is on high heat allows the heat to be distributed more rapidly to the food, causing it to cook quicker, without the need of a “quick blast in the microwave”.

“Since my divorce four weeks ago, I’ve really had to embrace the housewife role that my wife previously undertook for the family, and I honestly feel that I’m already taking massive leaps in my cooking journey”, said Mr Scott.

Although I’ve had to decrease my hours at work, I’ve been able to spend more time on my kids and I’m learning new skills because of it, including how to cook, clean a toilet, and iron a button-up shirt.”

The data analyst admitted that work around the house is a “fairly new” thing to him as most of it was done by housewife, Eileen Hampton, until their divorce in late May.

“The height of Adam’s cooking skill was microwaving his porridge in the morning”, said Miss Hampton.

There’s a reason why I have been given weekday custody over Daniel, and it’s because his father can hardly look after himself.”

Since the revelation, Mr Scott has started his own cooking blog in an attempt to help share other unorthodox methods of cooking, and make up for hours lost at work, and also has plans to attend talks on cooking.

To visit Mr Scott’s website please click the link below.

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