Music of the Month – April 2017

As an excuse to write on this blog at LEAST once a month, I share the music that I enjoyed during the month so that you may also. To find my other playlists, you can find them in the menus on my homepage or by clicking here.

1. Calvin Harris – Slide (feat. Frank Ocean & Migos)

(Full version not available on YouTube)

2. Zedd, Alessia Cara – Stay

3. Gorillaz – Andromeda

4. Gorillaz – Ascension

5. Gorillaz – Let Me Out

6. Lucian – Sick of Love (ft. Beth Duck)

7. Mack, Diesel & Karl Mac – Don’t Think I’m Not

8. Klyne – Still Not Over You

9. Martin Luke Brown – 65 Roses

10. Aston Shuffle – Pass You By

11. Terror Jr – Come First (Kid Froopy Remix)

12. Gorillaz – Strobelite

13. Gorillaz – The Apprentice

14. Gorillaz – Sex Murder Party

15. Gorillaz – Out Of Body

16. Gorillaz – Saturnz Barz


Maybe I should’ve just included a link to the Humanz album…


16 thoughts on “Music of the Month – April 2017

  1. I always read that it was about drugs or a play on the rap industry and how deep songs are underrated because they can’t keep up in this world of fast paced nonsense music. Or it could be about breakfast cereal, hahahaha


  2. It does! But it’s Gorillaz. There has to be a silly track somewhere. Remember Superfast Jellyfish? Then it becomes catchy and less silly over time, haha


  3. So far I like Momentz and then Out of Body from the deluxe edition bonus tracks. I need to give it a couple more listens to really decide though. Out of Body is a definite jam though! Instalove

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  4. I still like Gorillaz and Demon Dayz the most. Plastic Beach was pretty decent too. I think you’re right though. Waiting to see the series of videos like you.


  5. Honestly, I think it’s difficult to compare as their music is so different within each album anyway. However, I’m still holding out hope that there’ll be more of a storyline with this album, maybe even a few music videos. In general it seems kind of dark(?) in comparison. What about you?

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