Music of the Month – March 2017

As an excuse to write on this blog at LEAST once a month, I share the music that I enjoyed during the month so that you may also. To find my other playlists, you can find them in the menus on my homepage or by clicking here.

1. Le Youth – If You’re Leaving (ft. Sydnie)

2. Televisor ft. Danyka Nadeau – Odyssey

 3. Balue – Man In the Sixties

 4. The Emotions – Best of My Love

 5. Nzola – Caleidoskope

6. Katelyn Tarver – Planez (Neon Tribe Remix)

7. Migos – Bad and Boujee (omniboi Remix)

8. Bruno Major – Wouldn’t Mean a Thing

9. courtship. – Love For Everyone (EMBRZ Remix)

10. Devo – Whip It

11. LA Riots feat. Great Good Fine OK – Real Love


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6 thoughts on “Music of the Month – March 2017

  1. Cheers, they’ll be out every month. I’m glad you’re liking them. I’ve had Whip It stuck in my head for the past week so that’s definitely a good one, but the Bruno Major one I just found great. Nice and slow and just soothing.

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  2. Great list of songs, most I haven’t heard before. I opened a new window and listened to the songs while catching up on blogs I missed. I’m sure you do this as well, or at the very least listen to music while blogging? Anyway, solid list for sure

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