Why I Don’t Like Feminists

In a world littered with hatred and violence, some of us strive to be the best human beings that we can possibly be:

‘Love and be loved’
‘Live and let live’
‘Do onto others, et cetera.’

Mantras that seem somewhat redundant at a first glance, yet their simplicity reflects the ease at which their message can be practiced. And for the most part, this is true. Whether out of a conscious effort to deliver happiness or out of sheer laziness, it really is quite easy to ‘live and let live.’ But history would have us know that many people back in the day didn’t get the memo; especially when it came to women.


They’ve had a hard time, women – there’s no denying it. It seems they’ve been deemed the inferior of the two sexes from the beginning of time and even to this day, we hear reports of unequal pay and other such things based off of their sex. But this is 2016 – post 1970’s times, do you think they’re still soaking it all in WWII era style? Nah, they’ll let us know that ‘they’re still not asking for it’ whilst parading around the town hall naked. (Fair point, but you are asking for a criminal record, just sayin’.) Anyway, these sort of women should be admired, would you go to the extent that some of these people go to in order for your voice to be heard? To improve society? I know I wouldn’t. Which means I’m part of the problem.

Feminism has many different names and labels, but once all the name-calling is over, it’s simply an activist movement to encourage the equality of both sexes so that we can all live nicely together and earn lots of money together. But to me, the idea that employers would actually have the balls to pay a woman less money because of who they are is laughable, and because of this, I probably don’t take it as seriously as I should do. I don’t disagree with most feminists or equality-activists, but they make me feel bad about myself because they’re active in their fight towards the cause and I’m really not. It’s a movement that has so much fire burning within it that my complacency  makes me feel just as bad as I would if I were to actively discriminate against them.

Keep doing what you’re doing feminists, at least some of the radicals can take pleasure in the fact that they’re better than a…….MAAAAAAAAN.



7 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Like Feminists

  1. That was an interesting read.😂
    I must agree with you! I too feel that there’s no need to burn such issues to a criminal extent. When you’re equal, you’ll be treated equal, or else leave.
    Hope, I didn’t said something offensive.😛

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