Flawed: God’s Parable (II)


Thus far, you’ve been shown an exhibit that excels in physical appearance. You’re quick to judge aren’t you? This is understandable, for it is but human instinct. You forget that I have watched this earth with keen eyes. Distant people wandered this land aeons ago; primitive creatures, nothing like your kind. I witnessed an innocent man torn apart by his troglodyte brothers just because he failed to see the evil within them. The malignant glint in their eyes. Others have suffered the same fate from their animal kin. The feral ones that don’t usually carry the same flicker of danger in their eyes, their teeth make up for that kindly.
You’ve stated openly to many that you judge others primarily on their teeth; enter my next exhibit, Arnold Crook-Burns.

You first saw Arnold during a grouped work interview some time last year. He was a polite young man; always equipped with something to say in the otherwise vacuous gaps of silence that tried to fall between you and your prospective employers. Yet, you and I both know that this wasn’t what truly helped him win the job. Because with every word said, he would reveal a glistening set of pearl white teeth that virtually blinded those he needed to impress from all the nonsense that he was spurting.
It’s amazing how much fake teeth can help a fake smile. 

Yes, Arnold hasn’t always possessed such gleaming teeth, neither has he adorned such a perfect smile to accompany them. In fact, his talkative ways are the very reason those divine dentures sit so comfortably in his mouth today.
Arnold was an unfortunate creature – gifted in the art of speech, yet lacking in the finesse of silence. He refused to believe that what he said out loud was anything less than an improvement to everyone else’s life. So when the ignorant fool continued to run his mouth before an impatient gang, he received what he was always destined for.

Three hours of surgery later, and a fist-sized bruise on his eye was at full bloom, while each and every tooth was to be surgically removed. Months of speech therapy returned Arnold back to a more normal look – not the same, but normal. Arnold was back, and he refused to let his past and the cruelty of others shape his life. And so he put his previous life behind him, and off Daddy’s pocket he floated until the perfect job presented itself – the job that he received, and you did not. My world must be so small to you.

‘Scars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real.’ – C. McCarthy.

Exhibit 3 awaits…


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