Flawed: God’s Parable (I)


It’s been said that man is only what he hides, and my first Exhibit highlights this rather well: His name is Jason Afferson; he is of a similar age to you, and he has something that your vanity requires.

At a stately six and a half feet tall, Jason is a close acquaintance of yours; yet the perfect mix of blend of genetics and testosterone has granted him enough height and muscle to reduce you to a shrivelling mouse compared to him – at least in your eyes. His inherent prominence gives him power; a status over others that is unheard yet overtly seen, and as much as you do enjoy his company, the simple fact that you must look up to meet his eye rubs at you. All self-made status that you may have gained is lost the moment you are seen around him. By just being, he overpowers you – both physically and mentally.

Well, have you considered the consequences beset on Mr. Afferson for maintaining such a mountainous posture? You went to school with him, you’ve seen the way he sits in those unforgiving plastic chairs. Unlike many of his peers, Jason was never the right size for those seemingly universal seats. Hours spent in assemblies, meetings, exams, have all taken their toll on his health. His poise is crooked, his stance forced. Every joint, ligament and bone cries under his magnificent body. And this is only the beginning for him; for elderly years will render him immobile, no amount of hours toiled will prevent this, and Mr Afferson knows this, he is simply waiting.

And so you see, though he may not be flawed at heart, (you know yourself that he is a kind spirit), one can’t be too quick to empower another when his body has already started to diminish.

‘Beauty is not hidden – only ugliness and deformity’ – L.M. Montgomery

Exhibit 2 awaits…


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