Flawed: God’s Parable

(Author’s Notes:)
The concept of ‘Flawed’ came to me on a miserable bus ride home from college in February. The rain was pouring, the sky was grey, everything looked sad; and I remember glaring out the window onto these sullen streets outside. Dull looking people in a duller setting – a pathetic fallacy if I had ever seen one. Then, as the bus drove on, I caught sight of a younger gentleman, no more than ten years my senior, who just seemed to radiate a sort of naive happiness as he strolled on in his dignified blue suit, under his large company umbrella. He truly stood out amongst his contrastingly banal peers who walked past him almost invisibly, and in the moments after I passed him, it got me thinking how good his life seemed. Obviously successful, he beamed accomplishment, and I couldn’t help but feel a sort of envy towards him; though I knew nothing about him.
So what were his flaws?

As the bus journey carried on, I continued to see all of these people on the pavement, and I imagined their goals in life, their moral-laden pursuits, the things they own that I may never. And again, I thought, ‘What are your flaws? What is it about you that makes you just as human as the rest of us?’
I began to imagine what these could be, and as is usual with me, these thoughts quickly escalated into the realm of the morbid and dark. Flawed is narrated by an omniscient being who claims the universe to be theirs, speaking to an unknown character whilst trying to showcase the flaws that lie within every one of us through a display of people known as Exhibits.

This is my biggest project of the year and I would truly appreciate your thoughts. Enjoy.


‘Every perfect life is a parable invented by God’ – Simon Weil

Everything in my universe is beautiful, in some way or another. All that is required is the perfect viewing angle, the correct light, an open mind. Though my image is one to be admired, nothing is without its flaws. For reasons beyond me, every beast and being is governed by their innate defects brought with them at birth. With every breath in follows the shadowed exhale of their biological vices, a contagion waiting to sicken – a forgivable glitch in an otherwise perfect system.

I can hear your thoughts, just as you can, the ones that shine a light on your flaws; your God-given, blood-borne poison. Yet, living in an era of self-love and pride has revealed those only seen in the light of a mirror. Nothing beyond the blemished skin, the crooked nose, the asymmetry.
Before you, I present five specimens; exhibits in a museum of anomalies. Creatures from all walks of your polished society whose secrets remained unheard.

Exhibit 1 awaits…

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