Beached – My First Poem!

This was a poem that I somehow created using the above stimulus of an abandoned shopping trolley; I guess the more abstract concepts are the ones most worthy of our writing attention.

I don’t know if I want to make this a consistent series, where I write in response to a certain stimulus or prompt; but if anyone wants to share a picture or anything that they want me to respond to, I will do so and will give your blog a mention 😉


So close yet so far
Thus far, I’ve come this far.
Mere yards
of empty space, uninhabited,
know your place.

The wind tries to push me,
but I am one with the ground.
The tides, they call for me,
that wretched, salty sound.

I’m rusted and forgotten,
like the olden days of yore.
My final destination,
a lonely, withered shore…

…shore, shore, shore…

…Sure, it could be worse;
Mustn’t focus on the thirst…

…thirst, thirst, thirst…

…First, I must choose
to be bemuse,
indulge in my escape.
Portrait, brown and blue.


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