I had a moment today.

With my dog leading the way, I walked through warm morning air and fresh islands of grass. In the winter months, you forget that it’s alive, this silent ecosystem thriving beneath your feet. Today, however, as I strolled past field and fauna, my senses were welcomed with a pleasant gift. A smell so acutely natural and sweet, that I found myself stopping in my dirt-caked tracks, and I just watched.

Detached as I felt, I observed viridian leaves dance, insects hovering over them, as if awaiting their turn. Trees behind me loomed over with such peaceful posture, that I felt almost safe in their company. The sparse wind picked up, leaving flocks of cotton orbs behind its invisible tail. With a chorus of sweet bird song leading the way, I pulled my eyes away from the scene and walked on.

I’m now by the pond that I sit by every time we come here, the ripples travel in a never ending motion, I often wonder if the water has a destination in mind. Past the water and in every corner of my eyesight, I am surrounded by continents of buttercups and daffodils, a pleasantry I am only witness to once a year.

Everything is so full and blossomed. Is that what I’m smelling? The invigorating scent of purity and health. Nature’s medicine.

Smoke billows from a distance too far. A choking black dust. A human pollutant, no doubt. I forgot about people for a good while. I preferred the company of the trees, honestly.
There’s a chill in the wind now, I’ve overstayed my welcome.

This was nice.



10 thoughts on “Canopy

  1. The scenery looks peaceful and looks like a place where one could just sit and think about everything! If you don’t mind giving feedback on my latest post, that would be awesome 😊

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