SleepTalk #2 – Operation Nautica

Time: 0900 hours

Location: International Waters

Date: ?/?/2016

Mission: ‘Nautica’

The waves below roar under the steel belly of the behemoth ship that cruises along uncharted seas. Above, screams of panic and frustration fill the mineral air with purpose and unwavering intention. The blood laden floors curdle in the sweltering Pacific sun. And like the calm before the storm, silence…


With almost animal instinct, I clamber to the quarters of the metal leviathan. Without a captain, the room seems dead. Detached from the chaos that ricochets outside. The smudges of water stain the glass that reflect back a persistent green flash from behind me – an eager explosive. With orders engraved into my mind, I know what must be done. Instantly, my face is covered by a rubber, black scuba mask. The water waits before me, and endless black void. Patient ripples try to entice me for what lurks beneath. Time stops. The call of this perpetual blackness renders me motionless, the metal-jacketed horrors that continue outside are a friendly alternative.

Numbers flash before my eyes ~5…4…3…2…5…4~

The countdown of my life restarts over and over. My mind and body refuse to step foot in the deep pit that awaits me.

The lake house is in sight. It sits comfortably at the edge of land and the unknown. My orders scream viciously inside my head.

He’s in my grasp, his sweating, thin face nearly slips from my grip. Visions of death projected in his eyes; I smash his bald head against the wall. Over and over. Red meets yellow. Death has arrived.

Masked colleagues, enemies, congratulate me. They reward me with my identity. Turning in casual conversation, they stroll in to the hungry depths.

I must swim. I’ve come this far. The leviathan arrives in convenient lengths, but still far enough. I embrace the cold, keeping my head above water. I feel weightless, helpless. Victim to the mercy of the unknown.

My foot meets metal, I am aboard. Mission complete.




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