Spark The Kindling #6

A Stream of Consciousness after realising I’ve not done one in a while. To learn more about SoC’s click here.

Of recent, something has changed. From the sounds I hear, to the decisions I make. From the happiness I fake, to the roads I take.

Rain is now company. Welcomed and waited for. To help me feel what needs to be felt – for what wants to be felt apparently. Interestingly, I await these journeys. Of discovery, internal intrigue. Thus illumination and revelation are born.

It appears I am not alone…no. If your words are true to mine, my heart reaches out. My condolences and gratitude in equal measure.

The invisible me. The other me.

9 thoughts on “Spark The Kindling #6

  1. Hi Matthew,
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  2. Ha! Thank you. I tried for a long time to do serious writing (my other blog is called Writing Through the Monotony) and it didn’t seem to come as easy/organic to me as humor writing. I’ll be sure to keep it up!

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