The stars are dripping onto me from above. We’re all together – the wind, the clouds – yet we all carry on, alone as we ever have been. We are not sad, despondent, or dejected. We are not happy, satisfied, or fulfilled. We just carry on.

Each footstep is a note on a piano – soft, distant. The wind is cruel to the solemn air, a harsh trumpeter.

How do I see? Where is the light? The stars have faded. I am not blind in this darkness, though it isolates me. While the wind surrounds me.

I crave no company, the time isn’t right. I see myself. Panoramic. Wandering. Heading somewhere. For a light?

So alone. Leave me.

This was originally just another Spark the Kindling, but I began listening and writing to Luke Howard & Nadje Noordhuis’ ‘Oversky’

This is a song that I’ve always wanted to write to because so many thoughts are conjured when I hear it. It’s beautiful as it conveys a sort of lonely happiness which I love.


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