Spark The Kindling #3

A late night stream of consciousness before I go to bed. To learn more about SoC’s, click here

We’ve got to lose it, this silly way of life. Roads and leap years ahead, there will be a moment of satisfaction for you and those surrounding you. Waves upon waves of something. Crashing along as they should, as they’re told.

Gulf streams and pot holes. Streamlined. Love the word to spread it. Enjoy the moment to embrace it. It won’t be long ’til all comes a’crashing.

My God, what have I done to deserve this loneliness? My words quell this sombre disease with a masking fragrance.

Original thoughts lie in original minds, and the willingness to unlock it, to tap into it, is phenomenal. If there is value to my words, then heed my warning.

Water always wins, and time always tells.

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