The Lodger

So this is the infamous piece that has made an appearance twice on my page now and I feel obliged to at least share the source of my frustration, concern, and eventual happiness with you. I’d love to know what you think of it. I wouldn’t call it your typical ‘horror’ piece – I’m unsure of what genre this fits in altogether so any suggestions are welcome also. Thank you very much and enjoy.

If you’re reading this then allow me to offer my thanks. I know how precious time can be nowadays and you’ve no doubt got things that you need to be getting on with – an errand, some favour asked from a friend, emailing that colleague.

Time is an interesting concept. We’re the only species that keeps track of time; allows it to control us – 24 hours, 52 weeks, 365 days. We have all these ways of measuring and tracking time, yet we allow it to slip by so easily. The irony is a beautiful injustice to us all even though, amongst other things, that is a prime example of what allows us to forget about the constraints of the clock. When something so significantly insignificant transpires that for some reason affects us in some way or another. Irony – the pre-written rules of nature occasionally clashing to create a humorous significance in our otherwise mundane lives. These occur rarely enough that we find ourselves stopping and questioning the ways in which our lives are heading.

Many see this as categorical evidence that there is a higher power at work; throwing a stray curveball into the game of life. Keeping us on our toes. Reminding us to live in another’s design.Then there’s the universal answer to all preach and pulpit of religion– chance. Oh, you saw that one person that you’ve been actively avoiding for days? What a coincidence? Oh, your parents got better within days of you praying for them? The providence (!)

Honestly, this sort of dispute is pointless and irrelevant. The truth is out there somewhere but we get too easily indulged and absorbed nowadays. We become distracted and forget to get on with life regardless…

And this is where I offer my apologies, for if you are this far into this incessant drivel then you yourself have put your life on hold for just too long now. This letter has done its job and I should be safely within the comforts of your home by now. The walls could use cleaning but who am I to complain? I’ve found my spot now and would very much appreciate it if you did not disturb me. Please don’t worry about me, my promise to you is that I will bring you no harm as long as you ignore those bumps in the night. Don’t follow them, don’t question them. Just get on with life and don’t allow me to become your distraction.

Thank you.


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