SleepTalk #1 (Part2) – Breadcrumbs, Betrayals and Primary School Teachers.

This is the final half of a 2 part story involving my most recent dream epic. Click here to catch up with what’s gone on previously.

So these soldiers begin chasing me and I immediately set off sprinting away from them and head towards a back street near my old house. It’s then that I realise that there is a bunch of knives in my hand. Like in any dream, I don’t question the sudden appearance of all these sharp potential weapons in my hand. Also in a similar fashion to most of my dreams, I don’t actually register that they could have been used as weapons at the time and just continue running. However they begin to drop out of my grasp and as I continue to cover ground away from my pursuers, I realise that I am leaving a breadbreadcrumbscrumb trail of knives behind me which they could easily use to track my steps. I reach a main road with houses running down the side next to me so Bourne style, I throw one of the knives across the road to keep them off my scent. I then skim each of the houses to see if their doors were open. I eventually find one and without hesitance I enter.

Upon entry I see my friend, Joe and he looks mortified. I put my hand around his mouth and poke the remaining knife I have in my possession to his throat to keep him quiet. Then, from the back door of the house, one of my primary school teachers (who we’ll call Mrs X) sees me with this knife at Joe’s neck and my hand clasped around his mouth. She is about to shout for help when I release Joe, drop the knife and beg Mrs X to be quiet as I could practically hear the soldiers outside the house at this point. She appears to notice my utter fear and desperation at this point and so she allows me to stay in but at first she says I have to stay outside in the back garden. I am about to go outside when I see the feet of the soldiers striding past the gate. She gives in and grants me refuge at hers temporarily.

It’s suddenly night time and we’re headed upstairs where everyone is about to go to sleep. I am about to walk into one of the rooms on the left when Mrs X laughingly says that that is her room. She then directs me to the room opposite hers, I walk towards it and see Joe in a really small cramped bed. I try and get in but I am simply too nervous to relax. I walk out of the room and go towards a large window which reveals a large portion of the street. Opposite the house I’m in is my Nana’s house and as I feel bad for intruding in Mrs X and Joe’s home, I consider leaving and heading there.

Suddenly I’m outside my Nana’s house hidden behind a car with my Dad. I’m ringing my Nana as she isn’t in and I can’t get in to hers. I remember her answering in a really professional manner, with the sort of tone you’d hear from some over enthusiastic receptionist with an introduction that lasts just too long. So she answers and we realise that we have called her work number but we carry on talking to her about the situation and whether we can shelter at hers. She point blank refuses. I can’t remember her specific argument or reasoning but I do recall my dad being really angry with her for not letting me stay at hers and he began bitching about her as if he was some 14 year old. I shrug it off and just cross the road back to Joe and Mrs X’s place. I walk in and lock the door with several locks (some weren’t even attached to the door.) I then see who I assume is Mr X walking past and he doesn’t even react to seeing me walk in and lock his door behind him. Joe then enters along with a different woman to Mrs X but I think it’s her anyway. The dream ends with me staring at this random lady as she stares at her husband with her mouth wide open.

So….yeah, there it is. One of the longest and definitely one of the most dramatic dreams I’ve ever experienced. I don’t even want to know what Freud has to say about some of the stuff that went on but I’d like to hear from you guys, what did you think of my dream? Any explanations for me? Also, I’m thinking of making this sort of post-dream commentary its own thing, I think I’ll call it ‘SleepTalk’. If you like the idea of more of these incessant rambling then let me know, they won’t be as intricately written as some of my other posts, they will more informal, casual and easier to follow.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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