For Lack Of A Better Beginning

It’s been weeks since I restarted this blog page. I have currently no material written on it (bar the half-arsed piece on last year’s Call of Duty which I rushed as a ploy to get out of Creative Writing on time) and I’m currently in bed at exactly 0:55 with all this on my mind.
Since writing my extensive ‘about’ on my joint account and touching up this one, I’ve all but abandoned WordPress – already, and I haven’t even written anything. I realised that I actually had no idea how to write in blog – style, if such a style does indeed exist, and I probably still don’t but you’ve got to start somewhere so I thought why not on a Wednesday morning after a few episodes of Walking Dead?

I should really be getting to sleep soon enough as I have got myself involved with my college’s podcast group called ‘Knowledge’. I was somewhat reluctant to actually start as I missed a few meetings and the group have all made friends already without me but I recently learned that someone I know is also part of it which is comforting.
I have no idea what I’m getting myself into with the podcast. I have no idea what to talk about, I dislike my voice on record, and I have  to force extensive conversation with people whom I’m not hugely familiar with. The thought of it is daunting yet I can’t help but feel some excitement. I dont particularly seek attention actively but I must admit that some sliver of the spotlight every now and then is refreshing. Seeing my work printed onto the college magazine was a rush in itself, I imagine the feeling will be similar once the episode of Knowledge is uploaded.
That reminds me, the magazine will be published soon and I’ve personally committed myself to include at least one of my own pieces in each edition this year. Last year was a success in terms of the magazine, I got all kinds of material down. Articles on the Lion King, technology, Back to the Future. I even cheekily added my own piece of fiction that I wrote for class when I couldn’t think of anything else to write. This year however, I’m struggling to think of something interesting to talk about. The BTTF and technology were linked and relevant to when in part II they go to 21st of October 2015. The Lion King article was just something I felt I had to talk about, it was amazing – would recommend – and like I said, the fiction was added just ‘cos.
I have recently been pondering on whether to write about a philosophy known as Phenomenalism. It’s  been an interest of mine for some time now and I’ve tried (in vain) to turn my thoughts on it into fiction but I feel like a more casual, conversation-style article would be more appropriate.
In fact, I’ll practice here first.
Expect my next post to be about the thought-provoking theory of Phenomenalism – the theory that questions the existance of everything.

Can’t wait.

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